R-CUBE is a full stack audit and development company with expertise in client-server infrastructures, software and workflows. It provides an independent in-depth view of any IT environment in order to optimize processes, improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity. It offers a variety of services such as personnal coaching, defining technical strategies, leading new development methodologies, project implementation or determining true business needs.

Computer science, in many aspects, has been professionalized and unnecessarily complexified. As a consequence, many facts related to information technology are kept out of the physical or conceptual reach of its primary intended users. Altogether some sort of meaningless slang has developped amongst IT departments, experts and consultants. Because nobody truly knows the implication of the computer-specific terms the other uses and because most of those cannot be unambiguously defined anyway, it is often used as a justification for poor service, outrageous delays or simply won't do.

Customers are often mislead in technical notions and features, and feel the need to express their business requirements using trendy buzzwords. While it may appear as a strengthened work definition, it usually leads to requesting the improper skills to perform trivial tasks using awkward tools. Clients are charged big for something they believe is complex, to be done by some overqualified consultant, ten times slower than it would normally be ; the world is spinning round.

At R-CUBE, we believe that what is well conceived can be clearly stated. Our main concern is to decompose customer needs and design a plausible technical solution that can be understood and implemented using state of the art technologies while sweeping out beliefs and misconceptions. We provide surgical optimizations to existing processes while preserving a strong neutral objectivity. Our staff is knowledgeable, understanding and most of all: humain.